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Big Sound Podcast Profile: DJ Mark V

Big Sound Podcast Profile: DJ Mark V

This week’s episode of the Big Sound by Big Jeff Podcast is going to be a great time connecting with all our viewers, and we will have the Streamer DJ Mark V on the show to talk music and car audio. The DJ Mark V streams showcases music through live broadcasts and short form content emphasizing Electronic Music and Dance Music.

Mark started his love of music in the early 80s when his father played Disco 45 records and Mark would dance while his father made home movies. As he grew older Mark was more interested in the latest Michael Jackson LP than the latest Michael Jordan shoes and would frequent Sam Goody and Tower Records looking to expand his own vinyl collection. Then one fateful night he snuck into a house party and saw the person mixing the music with a tape deck and two direct drive turntables. Mark wasn’t sure what a DJ was at that point but knew that he wanted to be one.

From a local radio show called “Alternative Static” in the early 90s, Mark first heard electronic music at a lowrider truck meetup. A ground shaking truck with ten Kicker 18s flexed its windows while playing “Jump” by The Movement and Mark was hooked. He would spend nights listening to WPRK’s late night line up of Underground Dance Music, since he wasn’t old enough to get into clubs at the time and used his tape deck to record the songs. Mark would then take the tapes to a record shop and ask where he could find the songs. He turned a collection of 50 records into thousands, now he needed to start mixing them to fulfil the dream of becoming a DJ.

The problem was he only had one turntable. He became friends with a neighbor that had their own turntable, and they would take turns bringing their own turntable to the other’s house. Mark eventually got his second turntable and became a successful DJ playing at the radio station that sparked his love of EDM, at night clubs, and even EDC Orlando. Now, he streams live content on Facebook and has short form content also available on TikTok. Mark is now working on a second streaming studio and enhancing the existing studio too.

We look forward to having DJ Mark V on to discuss music, bass and beats this Thursday June 22nd at 7:30pm ET. Tune in to see the great conversation, amazing prizes and to see if you won the 16K giveaway.

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