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Big Jeff Pay

Big Jeff Pay

Here at Big Jeff, we try to elevate and accommodate everyone’s needs. We like to refer to ourselves as people pleasers!

The giveaways, freebies with your orders, the podcast and the cart discount aren’t for us. This is all for you guys, the male and female spectrum that supports us and everything we do. 

Coming soon is our Big Jeff Pay. Which unlike the other financing options we have – Snap, Affirm, Acima, and American First – this new feature is more of a line of credit than a loan.

Once approved, you’re able to use your credit whenever, in whatever increment. If you are up to date with your payments, you are allowed to make multiple orders using the balance you have left.

I know that sometime times are hard. And we’re glad to bring you another payment option that doesn’t have to break your pockets all at once.

This feature is also NOT a hard hit on your credit report, and we all know how important that is in the long run.

So, in the up-and-coming days, you know we love to post updates and keep y’all informed, we will be announcing when this feature will be available on the website.

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