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Avatar… Is it a killer?

This 12” Dual 2ohm MONSTER was reviewed by the beloved, and well respected in our car audio community, neighbor and friend, Parker the Basshead. Now we all know Parker has a variety of vehicles, which for this sub, he installed in a midsize SUV.. And when I say that baby hit hard, it gave me chest pain just through the YouTube video…

Now let’s get into the specs, I know y’all look at this listing and are blown away.

Peak power sitting at 12k, max is 6k, with a whopping RMS of 3000W.

Nice 4” voice coil made of copper coated aluminum, paper/fiber glass cone, thick foam surround with a screw on plate to eliminate this becoming unglued, a ferrite magnet and a racecar orange die-cast aluminum frame. The sensitivity is 85.7dB, FS 34Hz.

Now this has a triple stack motor on the bottom, with rather large terminals, easily fit for a 10ga, 8 or 6ga.

This is currently listed at $499.90, easily could be bumped up a good $500. But we here at Big Jeff, we make car audio affordable for you ... We are where you don’t break your pockets, but we’re also where you go for BIG SOUND.

I do suggest some Sound Deadening Dynamat, but we’ll talk about that another time! Bass on bass heads!

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