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American Bass

American Bass

American Bass is a mid-size car audio e-commerce that’s been in the business for over 35 years. We proudly carry American Bass on our website for their incredible customer service, award-winning products, and their extremely competitive prices. Out of all the brand we carry, American Bass has the lowest return rate and high reviews from our customers who welcome the brand into their build. Beyond their competition grade subwoofers that they produce, American Bass has so much more; speakers, crossovers, equalizers, tweeters, etc.

The linkable amplifiers that they carry are one of my favorite amplifiers to sell because of the ability to link them to power the absolute monster of a sound system that some our customers are looking for. For the Stealth series, the power that they elicit at 1 OHM is nothing to scoff at, usually being half of the listed max power. These amplifiers give a punch at a competitive price. Customers are always asking for DS18 or Taramp amplifiers, and I’ve always felt that American Bass was the underdogs of the amplifier game that deserves a bit more love.

Due to the tremendous sound and the absolute thundering bass that the American Bass subs can produce, I always recommend them to our bassheads. You want a bass sounding so strong that it rattles the windows? American Bass is the way to go. This isn’t even mentioning the perimeter vents and high temperature voice coils that are installed in ensure that even when you’re pushing these babies to the max, they won’t melt under the pressure.

Another bonus to shopping American Bass is that their owner is incredibly responsive and helpful to anyone who needs any assistance or has questions regarding his products. Hands down one of the most personable and helpful owners if you ever need assistance with anything! Shopping American Bass means three valuable things:

  • There will always be a helping hand from either us or the owner if you ever need help.
  • Competitive prices for competition grade subwoofers.
  • And absolutely killer sound with award-winning equipment.

If you’re trying to ball on a budget that doesn’t sound like a budget, American Bass is the way to go!

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