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4 Big Bass Secrets for Your Car Audio System

4 Big Bass Secrets for Your Car Audio System

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4 Rearview Window-Vibrating Bass Secrets

The thing about upgrading your car’s audio system is that sometimes you miss and sometimes you hit — and this is especially true when talking about the bass. You can spend a lot of money and have a weak system, and sometimes you get a discount audio system and it hits hard. Read this blog for four secrets for increasing your chances of getting an optimally loud, efficient, and reliably clean subwoofer system for your car! Here are some industry secrets used by the pros to make the loudest, most accurate car audio systems. 

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#1: Amplifier Output

The subwoofers need to get the power they need. Some pros like to even overpower their subwoofers a bit, to help them reach their full potential. There is no such thing as peak power! While every amplifier is clean up to a certain limit, beyond that limit distortion can occur. As long as you are providing enough amplifier output, the subwoofer system can perform above and beyond what it normally would be able to. 

The secret of larger amp has everything to do with box rise. An amp does have the same wattage as it does at 1 ohm up to the 2-3-4 ohm area. In other words, getting a bigger battery can help your system hold more voltage and double the sound. Sound unbelievable? It has worked for many people!

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#2: Brand Selection

There are lots of different car stereo manufacturers out there. The secret to choosing a good investment opportunity is to shop reputable brands from authorized dealers. Don’t buy cheap chrome stuff advertised with half-naked women and that look eerily similar to the big name products. You’re likely paying for a flashy looking product with mediocre performance. 

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#3: Box Design

Enclosure efficiency is all about finding the best tuning frequency. You have to be able to plot your cabin gain. The best way to make your subwoofers happy is to make the enclosure bigger. 

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#4: Routine System Maintenance

When you get a pro car stereo system, be aware that it’s not going to last if you don’t treat it right. In cold weather, turn up the volume gradually over a few minutes — your system will thank you. Check your battery, and make sure it’s strong enough to power your system. Check connections to avoid amp failure or burnt fuse holders. Treat your system right. 

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