XS Power 12V Compact Pro Car Audio Starting Battery AGM 65 Amp Hours D3400

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XS Power 12V Compact Pro Car Audio Starting Battery AGM 65 Amp Hours D3400

This Listing Includes:
(1) XS Power D3400 Starting Battery
M6 Terminal Hardware Included

Sealed Non-Spillable Design (Allows mounting in any orientation, even inside the passenger compartment.)
Patent Pending I-BAR Integration (Introduces many terminal mounting options for each battery model.)
Tightly Packed AGM Design (Provides unsurpassed resistance to vibration.)
Absorbed Glass Mat (Electrolyte is suspended in fiberglass)
Top Battery Terminals
AGM Battery Type
Compatibility: Mobile audio, Marine, Supplemental power
12V AGM Battery
Max Amps: 3300A
CA: 1000
AH: 67
Compatible With Systems up to 2500 / 4000 Watts RMS

Product Dimensions: 10.24" L x 7.20" H x 6.65" W (Inches)
Product Weight: 46.00 Pounds

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
lorenzo anderson
Great battery, nice price!

This battery works perfectly for my needs. I have it powering about 4K watts and it handles it like a champ! Minimal to no lights dimming when the bass hits!

kenneth Henry
Outstanding Performance

I was able use this battery to play my car audio sound system for a backyard party for 5 hours without running the vehicle engine. The system consisted of a Hifonics BXX4000 playing 2 Sundown SA 15's, 2 Hifonics Zeus Elite 2000.4 playing 8 Audiopipe 8's and 1 Hifonics BXX 800.4 playing 8 Audiopipe Tweeters. The system never clipped once for a power or voltage drop. This is an amazing battery that I recommend as I am totally impressed by its performance.

David Stovall

Needed these 2.

Javier Garcia Alvarez
My best car audio purchase yet.

I had originally purchased the battery for my 1988 Silverado but I sold it before I could install it into that. Ended up using it in the trunk of my Honda Accord to help add reserve batt power for the sound system. It's been in the trunk of my car for the last 5 years without any issues and I would buy it again. I did have it connected from the stock battery but I would highly recommend that it only be used in conjunction with another AGM battery even though I didn't have any issues whatsoever. 10 out of 10 recommend the battery, just buy it.

Well worth it!

1st battery lasted 5.5 years. Here’s to another 5.5! Only battery I’ll run with my system.