XS Power 12V Compact Pro Car Audio Starting Battery AGM 17 Amp Hours D545


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XS Power 12V Compact Pro Car Audio Starting Battery AGM 17 Amp Hours D545

This Listing Includes:
(1) XS Power 12V Starting Battery D545
M6 Terminal Hardware Included

Sealed Non-Spillable Design (Allows mounting in any orientation, even inside the passenger compartment.)
Patent Pending I-BAR Integration (Introduces many terminal mounting options for each battery model.)
Tightly Packed AGM Design (Provides unsurpassed resistance to vibration.)
Absorbed Glass Mat (Electrolyte is suspended in fiberglass)
Top Battery Terminals
AGM Battery Type
Compatibility: Mobile audio, Marine, Supplemental power
MAX Amps – 800
CA – 276A
RC – 22min.
Ah – 17

Product Dimensions:
Length – 6.97 in
Height – 5.14 in
Width – 3.38 in
Weight Lbs. – 11.24

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Excelente batería

Muy buena batería

Don't waste your money!!!

Not what I expected, I guess I should have looked at the dimensions of this battery before I purchased it... This thing is so tiny I don't think it could even power on a lawn mower.... It says 800 amps but I am highly questioning that.... Considering I have added this as a second battery and get the same amount of voltage drop.... Doesn't seem like it does very much, I am not pushing that strong of a audio system... There is no way it should still be dropping the way it is with a second 800amp battery... I think this thing is more along the lines of 150 amps....