Massive Audio Nano E3 Mono 2800W 1Ohm Amplifier + 2x 2000W Dual 4Ohm VC Subwoofer

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Massive Audio Nano E3 Mono 2800W 1Ohm Amplifier + 2x 2000W Dual 4Ohm VC Subwoofer

Massive Audio's MMA subwoofers can handle a "Kilo" of power. 1000 Watts! and in the properly tuned box play as low as 35Hz! You see the heavy gauge steel stamped baskets are painted to lower resonance and to protect. High Flux Y30 Ferrite Magnets, EISV Voice Coils made with aluminum former and poly-cotton spiders with woven round tinsel leads are all balanced with laminated paper cones using a pressed foam surround stitched in Red then all bolted together to form Massive Audio's MMA series "Killer Kilo" subwoofers.

All NANO EDGE Series Amplifiers use a famous Nano Block Military speck circuit board and "N" drive MOSFET power supplies to insure performance but they now have several new cutting-edge features like RCA inputs that can take RCA or Speaker levels at up to 10 Volts in! This built-in money-saving OEM line converter is found in every "EDGE" model, and every E3 model uses a DC off-set music sensing system to activate the ATO (Auto Turn On).

This Listing Includes:
(2) Massive Audio 12" Subwoofer MMA124
(1) Massive Audio Monoblock Amplifier E3

Features: MMA124 
- Heavy Gauge Steel Basket with Industrial Texture Painting
- High Flux Y30 Strontium Ferrite Magnet
- High Impedance Aluminum Former With EISV Voice Coil
- Poly-Cotton Spider with Woven Round Tinsel Leads
- Laminated Paper Cone with Pressed Foam Surround
- Round Shape PP Vacuum Dust Cap
- 8mm Top Plate

Specifications: MMA124 
-Size: 12"
-Watts: 1000
-RMS: 500
-Cone: Laminated Paper
-Voice Coil: 2" Dual 4 Ohm
-Surround: Pressed Foam
-Magnet: High Flux Y30 Strontium Ferrite
-Terminals: 4-way Spades
-Basket: Heavy Gauge Steel
-Tinsel Leads: Woven Round
-X-Max: 10mm
-SPL: 88.8 dB
-FS: 34.9 Hz

Dimensions: MMA124 
-Ported Box: 14"H x 16"D x 16"W / 14.05 sq. in. Port Area
-Sealed Box: 1.42 ft3
-Mounting Depth: 6.02"
-Mounting Width: 10.79"
-Overall Diameter: 12.28"

Features: E3
- Built-In OEM Line Converter
- High Power in Extremely Small Heat Sink
- Mil-Spec Double Sided PCB with SMD Parts
- Built-in Noise Reduction Circuitry
- Full Mosfet with High-Grade Switching Devices
- Regulated Power Supply & Dual Output Voltage
- CTA-2006 Compliant
- Built-in Auto Sensing Turn-on via Hi-Input
- 12v Remote Output for External Devices
- 0~12dB Variable Bass Boost
- Next-Gen Advanced 5 Way Protection

Specifications: E3
-RMS Power: 1400w x 1
-PEAK Power: 2800w x 1
-RMS @ 2 Ohms: 700w x 1
-Bridged RMS: n/a
-Min Impedance: 1 Ohm
-Min Ohm Bridged: n/a
-THD: Less Than 0.3% @ 4 Ohm
-S/N: More Than 80 dB
-Max Voltage: 15v
-Max RCA Voltage: 10v
-Freq. Response: 10Hz - 220Hz

Dimensions: E3
-11.1 (in) x 5.9 (in) x 2.1 (in)

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