DS18 GEN-X 6x9" + 6.5" Car Audio Door Speakers Combo 660 Watts 4 Ohm Coaxial

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Pair of GEN-X6.9
6 x 9" 4-Way Coaxial Speakers
RMS Power: 60 Watts per speaker
Max Power: 180 Watts per speaker
Cutout Diameter: 8.5" x 5.5"
Mounting Depth: 3"
Pair of GEN-X6.5
6.5" 3-Way Coaxial Speakers
RMS Power: 50 Watts per speaker
Max Power: 150 Watts per speaker
Cutout Diameter: 6.14"
Mounting Depth: 2.13"

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
P Dub
Not happy.

Well I purchased them to replace my factory speakers. Now I have no amp. But I expected some clarity and at least some bass. Nothing. So when I went to return them. They only want to give me a store credit to buy some more crap from them. Thanks, but no thanks. Spend your money where it's going to get you what was advertised.

We have no refund policy especially on used product, but we offer credit, as for your issue, just because you changed your factory speakers doesn't mean you will get better sound, aftermarket needs more power than factory speakers and you need to supply with after market amplifier.. your factory radio barely pushes 25 watts and those speakers are rated to need at least 100 w. So you are mad at us because you didn't research or ask questions.
Its like buying a race motor and not giving it high test gas and mad because your motor any running fast enough. You bought after market speakers that will send way better than your factory speakers if you supply the with enough power, and you do not get bass out of door speakers, they are made to play vocals, you need mid bass speakers and or subwoofers and that taker MORE POWER. So now that everyone can see why you gave us 1 star you can either buy a amplifier and do the upgrade correctly or return the speakers for credit towards maybe some tweeters that don't need amplifier and will give you more highs. FYI we have it posted on the counter NO REFUNDS and on your invoice. I am sorry you didn't not read it in front of you on a sign, and taped to counter and printed on your invoice.