Black Max GPS Real-Time GPS Tracking w/ Theft Fence & Speeding alerts



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Black Max GPS Real-Time GPS Tracking w/ Theft Fence & Speeding alerts

Have company vehicles and need help to track them? Or kids who are driving for the first time. The Black Max GPS is for you! With Intelligent real time tracking you have the security of knowing where your vehicle is. As well as set up useful alerts for Theft Fence, Maintenance, Low Battery and more!

This Listing includes:
(1) GPS Tracker

GPS can be activated here
Free service your first year! After your first free year the cost is $50 a year.

Tracking Features:
Real Time Tracking - Updates every 2 minutes utilizing 4G LTE nationwide coverage.
Safety Zones - Alerts lets you know if your car travels inside or outside of multiple geographic areas that you determine.
Instant Theft Fence - Instantly puts a protective theft-fence around your car or truck and immediately alerts you when your vehicle is moved.
View Tracking Recovery - Review routes and daily activity for each vehicle with breadcrumb trails to show where your vehicles have traveled.
Stolen Vehicle Recovery - Know immediately if your vehicle is stolen & Helps get it back fast.
Mobile App - Use your smart phone for quick & easy access from virtually anywhere. 
Google Mapping - With Satellite, Road & Street views including real time traffic & directions.
Multiple Users - Give others access if you choose.

Speeding Alerts - Gent speed alerts when your vehicle travels faster than the speed limit you set.
Maintenance Alert - Based on mileage, get an email or text when it's time to give your car an oil change, tire rotation, brake pads, etc.
After Hours Alerts - Great for street parking. Don't want to think about setting up a theft fence every time you park? Your system will automatically engage and disengage at the time frame you determine.
Stop Alerts - Informs you if a vehicle has stopped for more than a pre-set time.
Low Battery Alerts - Never get stuck with a dead battery again! When your battery drops below 11 volts, you'll get an email or text notification.
Country Exit Alerts - If your vehicle ever crosses international borders
Impound Lot Alerts