1x 6.5" Mid Full Range Speakers 500W Loudspeaker 8 Ohm DS18 PRO-X6BM


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1x 6.5" Mid Full Range Speakers 500W Loudspeaker 8 Ohm DS18 PRO-X6BM

During the focused R&D period of perfecting the PRO-X line, DS18 identified the opportunity to spawn off another line since there was a division amongst competition audiophiles and concert/"voceteo" audiophiles. Therefore, DS18 created the PRO-X audio line, which features a wide variety of midranges that produce concert-like sounds that will knock the wind out of you!

This Listing includes:
(1) Speaker

- DS18's most sold series of High Powered pro audio.
- Great DS18 design of high durability parts including strong ferrite magnet, pressed paper cone, and CCA voice coils to get you maximum loudness with great sound quality.
- BM stands for BULLET! This includes a resonator (tweeter) with red bullet design to give the speaker a much higher range of frequencies.

Model: PRO-X6BM
Type: Midrange Loudspeaker with Bullet
Size: 6.5"
RMS Power: 250W
MAX Power: 500W
Frequency Response: 125-12KHz
Impedance: 8 ohm
Sensitivity: 90dB    
Surround: Cloth Edge
Frame: Red Steel Basket
Cone: Non-Pressed Paper Cone
Magnet: Ferrite
Voice Coil Wire: CCAW

Voice Coil Size: 1.5"
Magnet Size: 30 oz
Mounting Depth: 2.44" (69mm)
Cut-Out Dimension: 5.7" (145mm)