Dynamat Xtreme Car Audio Wedge Kit Sound Deadening Damping 18x32“ Sheet 4SQ FT



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Dynamat Xtreme Car Audio Wedge Kit Sound Deadening Damping 18x32" Sheet 4SQ FT

Stop Vibrating Sheet Metal and Road Noise!

High vehicle noise levels cause driver fatigue and irritation, and will affect the way music sounds out of speakers. When the vehicle is noisy, music and conversations can sound unclear and distorted. Dynamat Xtreme is the highest efficiency sound damping material available and the most effective product for stopping noise and vibration in your automobile.

Dynamat Xtreme is a patented, light-weight, elastomeric, butyl and aluminum constrained-layer vibrational damper. Dynamat Xtreme conforms and fuses easily to sheet metal and other hard substrates. Material performance is optimized for temperature ranges between -10C to +60C (14F to+140F). Material can withstand temperature extremes between -54C to +149C (-65F to +300F) and is highly resistant to aging.

This listing includes:
(1) Dynamat Xtreme 18x32" Adhesive Sheet 4SQ FT

Appearance: Black butyl based core with 4 mil aluminum
constraining layer, craft paper release liner
Thickness: 0.067" (1.7mm)
Mass: 0.45lbs./ft.2 (2.20kg/m2)
Acoustic Loss Factor @ Temperature
(Using ASTM method E756 @ 200 Hz):
0.081 @ +14˚F (-10˚C)
0.240 @ +32˚F (+0˚C)
0.257 @ +50˚F (+10˚C)
0.417 @ +68˚F (+20˚C)
0.259 @ +86˚F (+30˚C)
0.194 @ +104˚F (+40˚C)
0.140 @ +122˚F (+50˚C)
0.094 @ +140˚F (+60˚C)
Temperature Range (Optimal Performance):
14F to +140F (-10C to +60C)
Temperature Range (Resistance):
-65F to +300F (-54C to +149C)
Adhesive Peel Strength: 42.6 lb./in. (74.8 N/cm) on cold steel
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to water and mineral oils

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