DS18 LSE-212A 12" 1000W 4 Ohm Dual Loaded Ported Enclosure w/ Amplifier/Amp kit



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DS18 LSE-212A 12" 1000W 4 Ohm Dual Loaded Ported Enclosure w/ Amplifier/Amp kit

Looking for that perfect bass package but are overwhelmed by all the options? We have made it easy with our loaded subwoofer box the LSE112A! This is a prefabricated box that comes with one of our best selling subwoofers. Included is a beautiful carpeted box with DS18 logo designs tuned to 35 hz. The box is constructed by thick 1/2 MDF for great sound and resonance. The sub included is the very popular MD12 that is a single voice coil 4 ohm sub with a nominal impedance of 4 ohms that will require 250w rms. This loaded box is a great entry level solution to hard hitting heavy bass for all to enjoy. 

This listing includes: 
(1) S-1500.1 Amplifier 
(1) SLC-MD12 Subwoofer Dual Loaded Ported Box
(1) 4-GA Amp Kit Which Includes:
- AGU Fuse Holder with AGU-100A 
- 6ft. 4GA Loom Tube 
- Rubber Grommet 
- 17ft. Red power cable: 21mm² od: 10mm 
- 3ft. Black ground cable: 21mm² od: 10mm 
- 17ft. Red/black twisted RCA cable 
- 17ft. Turn-on cable: 20*0.15mm 
- 17ft. Red/black speaker cable: 1.31mm² x 2 wires od 3.2 x 6.4mm 

- The box is constructed of 1/2 inch MDF for great strength, resonance, and tuned to 35hz for low hitting bass. 
- One SLC 12-inch sub will give you the cone area to push out great-sounding bass without a lot of power requirements. 
- Great design and carpeting with DS18 logos to give your system the flair it deserves and also bring a show-quality look. 
- Great durability so you can enjoy hard-hitting bass for years to come. 

General Specifications:
Speaker Size: Single 12"
Total Impedance: 4 ohms
Total RMS Power Handling: 250 watts
Total MAX Power Handling: 500 watts
Sensitivity (1w/1m): 93 db
Frequency Response: 29-250hz
Recommended Lo Pass Crossover: 80 Hz

Amplifier Specifications:
Model: S-1500.1
Circuit Topology: Class AB Monoblock Amplifier
RMS Power Output @ 2 OHMS: 350 watts
RMS Power Output @ 4 OHMS: 220 watts
Total Harmonic Distortion: Less Than 3%
S/N Ratio Ref 1w @ 4 OHMS: More Than 90 db
Gain Range: 0.2-6V
Crossover Range: 50-250hz
Frequency Range: 20Hz-500 Hz
Dimensions: 13.7"/348mm x 5.8"/148mm x 1.8" / 47.5mm

Subwoofer Specifications (Per Subwoofer):
Model: SLC-MD12
Type: Subwoofer
Size: 12"
RMS Power: 250W
MAX Power: 500W
Impedance: 4
Voice Coil Size: 2"
Magnet: Ferrite
Magnet Size: 42 oz
Voice Coil Diameter: 50.8mm (2")
Voice Coil Former Material: Aluminum
Winding Material: ACCAW
Cone Material: PPI
Surround Material: Rubber
Basket Material: Steel
Magnet Material: Ferrite
Magnet Weight: 42 oz

Box Specifications:     
Port Tune: 35hz 
Dust Cap Material: 45.3L 
Load Configuration: Front Ported 
Box Material: 1/2" MDF 
Finish Material: Vinyl 

Height: 13.78" / 350mm 
Width: 19.68" / 500mm 
Depth 1: 11" / 280mm 
Depth 2: 14" / 356mm

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