DS18 High Volt 5 Way Active Crossover with Bass Boost XM5


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DS18 High Volt 5 Way Active Crossover with Bass Boost XM5

New from DS18 the XM5. It offers filters for 5 ways with variable adjustment, output level control at each way as well as adjustable BASS Boost & Bass Frequency.

This Listing Includes:
(1) Crossover

- Surface mount component technology
- FR4 two layers circuit trace design
- High output levels and low harmonic distortion (T.HD.)
- Extremely low standby current consumption
- Short/High & low voltage multi protections
- Quick Disconnect DC-DC converter switch power supply


LOW Way (Mono):
Cutoff Frequency (LPF): Variable 40-250 Hz (-24dB/Octave)
Boost Frequency: Variable 25-100 Hz
Bass Boost: Variable 0-18 dB

LOW_MID WAY (Stereo):
Minimum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 25-140 Hz (-12dB/Octave)
Maximum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 200-2KHz (-12dB/Octave)

MID WAY (Stereo):
Minimum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 160-2KHz (-12dB/Octave)
Maximum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 800-10KHz (-12dB/Octave)

MID_HIGH WAY (Stereo):
Minimum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 200-5KHz (-12dB/Octave)
Maximum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 1.2-12KHz (-12dB/Octave

HIGH WAY (Stereo):
Minimum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 550-13.7KHz (-12dB/Octave)
Maximum Cutoff Frequency: Variable 1.5-15KHz (-12dB/Octave)

Customer Reviews

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Sam Loftin
Nice Unit

First piece of DS-18 equipment I’ve purchased, seems to sound pretty good. It’s a decent component but I think it’s a little overpriced for what it is. There’s lots to choose from in this category so I think it should be more competitively priced. Can’t speak to the durability yet, but seems to be good quality and well built... a little light... we’ll see

Sam Loftin
Bought it... then price came down

Wow, great... bought this and even said in my review that I thought it was too much for what it was. A week or 2 later the price came down $20. 5 stars for the crossover... 1 star for the price. Maybe Big Jeff will give me credit for the $20.

DS18 had a batch air flited in and when they do that, the cost goes up until normal product shows up on the boat in a container.. Since we get tagged with the price increase we have to push that along to customer, and if customer wants the item bad enough then they usually do not care bout 10 or 20 dollars.. But as soon as we get price drop we also push that to customer.