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Meet Mike Angles "Life In Speed"

Meet Mike Angles "Life In Speed"


Get ready for an electrifying episode on the Big Sound Podcast as we gear up to host the incredible Mike Angels! In this pre-blog feature, we dive into an exclusive interview with the maestro himself, uncovering the fascinating journey that led him to become the driving force behind the renowned YouTube channel dedicated to car audio products and electronics. Join us for a sneak peek into Mike's world before the upcoming podcast episode goes live. It's a prelude to the excitement and insights that await you on the Big Sound Podcast! 

  1. Getting Started:

Q: Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started with your YouTube page? What inspired you to focus on car audio products and electronics? 


Mike: With a background in home audio and home theater installation, my love for high-quality audio has been a lifelong affair. Inspired by my pursuit of exceptional sound, I ventured into the world of top-brand car speakers. Disappointed by an expensive set that failed to meet expectations, I embarked on a journey of experimentation with various brands. This exploration led to the birth of my YouTube channel, where I share my experiences testing and reviewing different car audio products. 


  1. Product Selection Process:

Q: How do you choose the products to feature on your channel, and what factors do you consider? 


Mike: Two primary factors guide my product selection. Firstly, I pay close attention to viewer suggestions and comments on my channel. Their input often directs me towards products they want to see tested. Additionally, I utilize a web crawler to analyze product sales ranks, comparing best-sellers with those that have lower visibility. 


  1. Personal Favorites:

Q: Among the car audio products you've reviewed, are there any that stand out as personal favorites? 


Mike: While I've reviewed many outstanding products, Infinity Kappa holds a special place as one of the best performers. JBL, crafted by Harmony Audio, closely follows in terms of performance. Alpine speakers also offer a noteworthy audio experience. The pro audio realm is diverse, with each company offering both exceptional and not-so-great products based on individual preferences. 


  1. Behind-the-Scenes:

Q: Can you share a bit about the behind-the-scenes aspects of creating your videos? What equipment and tools do you use, and how has your setup evolved over time? 


Mike: My dedicated studio is equipped with multiple cameras, microphones, and recording systems. Various car amplifiers are on hand for tailored tests. Over time, my setup has evolved to enhance the quality and precision of my reviews, ensuring viewers get the best insights into the products I feature. 


  1. Favorite Reviews:

Q: There are a lot of different products you do videos on; what types are your favorite to review? 


Mike: My favorite reviews involve testing products from brand-new companies, offering surprises and discoveries. I also enjoy comparing expensive and affordable products, demystifying the value proposition for viewers. In many cases, high prices are synonymous with advertising and branding, and I aim to provide evidence for viewers to make informed choices. 



As we eagerly await Mike Angels' appearance on the Big Sound Podcast, this interview provides a sneak peek into the world of car audio and the meticulous process behind his engaging reviews. Stay tuned for more insights, and don't miss the podcast episode for an in-depth conversation with the man behind the wheels of sound exploration. 

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