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[(n) an association of two or more people as partners]

Running a business isn’t like frolicking in the park.

The stress, sweat, tears, joy and tedious work you’d have to put into your new business venture definitely sounds like a hassle, I commend anyone that takes that leap. But this kind of work cannot be done alone.

What’s the term? “It takes a village.” And it does. Our village? Our lovely manufacturer representatives. Without their extended product knowledge and exact inventory count, it’d be difficult to answer half of the emails we receive.

Jeff is a fountain of knowledge, but even some things are out of his area of expertise. Having a responsive manufacturer is like a breath of fresh air; it is the most required part of a business-like relationship.

As a retail/online distributor, we don’t always have the answer available to you, and we all know how some manufacturers like to hide information, lol.

I do appreciate every and all manufacturers we have that do join in to help answer any questions that stump us. It’s very few that do, but even a quick “yes” or “no that won’t work” helps us in the long run. It not only builds a good customer service relationship with the customer, but it builds up our relationship with our dedicated representatives.

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