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Big Sound Podcast Profile: Tony Bolton and Matt Young

Big Sound Podcast Profile: Tony Bolton and Matt Young

We had so much fun with our viewers and guests last week and we can’t wait to do it again this Thursday May 25th. On this week’s episode of the Big Sound with Big Jeff Podcast, we will have two leading members of Mechman Alternators joining us, Tony Bolton, and Matt Yong. Mechman Alternators was started in 1978 by Dennis Moore and provides high output alternators for almost any application and vehicle.

Tony Bolton has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years, first with Honda and now at Mechman. Tony, who mainly works with social media strategy at Mechman, also handles many aspects of the business, from customer and tech support, dealer accounts, to research and development.  While Tony has spent most of his time on the racing and performance side of the automotive world, he also has some experience with the audio side. Other than Mechman being one of the best alternators on the market for car audio, Tony worked hard in his late teens and early 20s to save up to buy two 12-inch Earthquake subwoofers and amplifiers. Now he is amazed by all the high-quality audio options available on the market; “I’ve got one 15-inch Sundown Audio subwoofer that would simply slaughter those two 12’s” said Tony.

Matt Young began his career in the racing industry after graduating high school. He then worked as apprentice to the owner of Mechman Dennis Moore and grew the company to the heights of today. Matt runs Mechman Alternators as the CEO and has a hand in every aspect of the business. He stewards the product development and design as well as creating marketing information and even HR situations. Over the years, Matt has seen an explosion of power when it comes to car audio the builds; “Technology in Subs, Amps, Lithium batteries, and alternators is essentially what professional competitors had in the 90’s, except now it is in daily driven vehicles.” said Matt. 

Matt and Tony have been friends for many years and their partnership at Mechman Alternators has been tremendously successful. They have been working on all kinds of new products, from 48-volt alternators, proprietary external regulators, to marine alternator applications. Mechman will also be creating a fully equipped film studio in their new building, currently under construction, to make collaborating with other industry partners on quality video content more accessible.

We will speak to both Matt and Tony more in depth about all these topics and more on Thursday May 25th at 7:30 ET. We have another busy night of insider information, so be sure to tune in and join the conversation and maybe you can get one of your questions answered by the industry pros.

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