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Big Sound by Big Jeff Podcast Announcement

Big Sound by Big Jeff Podcast Announcement

Big Jeff is ready to announce the next big thing coming to the Big Jeff Audio network. Starting Thursday of next week, May 11th, at 7:30pm, we will be introducing the new Big Sound by Big Jeff Podcast. Big Jeff already has a ton of guests lined up and we are all excited to get started. We want all of you to tune in and participate in the discussion, get your questions answered live or tell us about your car audio journey.

The episodes will continue to air live on Thursday nights at 7:30 pm and last about an hour. We were tired of seeing podcasts about our industry that were not the quality us aficionados were accustomed to, didn’t engage the audience, and to put it bluntly, boring. So, we decided to put on a show that would be fun, informative, and connect with true enthusiasts of car audio, drag racing and more. Every week Big Jeff will sit down with a couple of people from every facet of the industry and bring the car audio and racing world even closer together.

For our premier episode we will have extended interviews with some of the most influential people in the car audio industry. Our firsts three guests will be a powerhouse group of car audio stars including Shawn Mayo of XS Power, Jacob Fuller from Sundown Audio, and Will Braun the head of Kicker marketing. Big Jeff will speak with each of them about their respective companies and what exciting events we can look forward to in the coming months. We have quite a few guests lined up already and you can expect even more industry A-listers in the weeks to come.

We want to continue to immerse ourselves in the community and connect with car audio and drag racing fanatics from around the globe. So, join us anywhere you watch Big Jeff Audio content.








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