Taramps TS2000X4 Full Range 4 Channel 2 Ohm Class D 2000W Car Audio Amplifier


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1 x Taramps TS2000X4 Full Range Amplifier

Quantity: 1 Amplifier
Number of Channels: 04
Max Output Power at 12.60 VDC 2 Ohms: 2000W (4 x 500W RMS)
Max Output Power at 12.60 VDC 4 Ohms: 1250W (4 x 312.5W RMS)
Max Output Power at 12.60 VDC 8 Ohms: 600W (4 x 150W RMS)
4 Individual Channels: 4 x 500W RMS - 2 OHMS
3 Channels (Stereo/Mono):
2 x 500W RMS - 2 Ohms
+ 1 x 1000W RMS - 4 Ohms (Bridge)
Input Sensitivity: 250mV
Crosstalking: greater than 66dB
Signal Noise/Ratio: greater than 92dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 36KHz (-1dB)
Fixed Crossover:
H.P.F. (High Pass Fiter) 80Hz to 2.2KHz (6dB/Octave) Variable
L.P.F. (Low Pass Filter) 80Hz (12dB/Octave)
Bass Boost: 0 to 10 dB (50Hz)
Input Impedance: 18K Ohms
Protection System: Short into Output / Power Supply High/Low
Minimum Supply Voltage: 9 VDC
Maximum Supply Voltage: 16 VDC
Idle Consumption 12.60 VDC: 2,4A
Musical Maximum Consumption at 12,60VDC: 107.1A
Sinusoidal Signal Maximum Consumption (1KHz) at 12.60VDC: 214.2A