Taramps CRX4 Car Audio 4-Way Mono 8V Bass Boost DSP Crossover


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1 x Taramps Electronics CRX4 4 Way Mono 8V Crossover
The CRX4 model has 4 signal outputs. (Low, Mid Low, Mid High, High) Audio processing is fully digital DSP 24 bit/48Hz.
Has the variable Bass Boost function which serves to further reinforce plus bass for the subwoofer, and short circuit protection at the output and polarity reversal in the power supply.

CRX-4 Crossover must be attached to a stable base (holder) that is easily accessible, away from heat sources.

Quantity: 1
12dB / 8th 4-way electronic crossover
Harmonic Distortion (THD): Less than 0.01%
Input Impedance: 27K Ohms
Output Impedance: 470 Ohms
Maximum input level: 8V RMS
Maximum output level: 8V RMS
Crosstalk: greater than 80dB
Protection: Reverse polarity
Power supply: With switched-mode DC-DC converter
Voltage Range: 10 to 15.5VDC
Nominal Consumption (12.6V): 0.38A
Electronic Protection: Polarity Inversion
Recommended Wire Gauge is 1.5mm for Positive / Negative Wires, and 0.75mm for Remote Wire

Low way (Mono)
Cutting frequency (LPF): Variable 40Hz ~ 275Hz (-12dB/8)
Bass Boost: Center Frequency Variable 20 ~ 65Hz (Fix Gain 6dB)
Low Mid way (Mono)
Minimum frequency of (cut HPF): Variable 25Hz ~ 140Hz (-12dB/8)
Maximum frequency of (cut LPF): Variable 300Hz ~ 7.5KHz (-12dB/8)
Via High Mid (Stereo)
Minimum frequency of (cut HPF): Variable 200Hz ~ 5KHz (-12dB/8)
Maximum frequency of (cut LPF): Variable 1.2KHz ~ 12KHz (-12dB/8)
Via High (Stereo)
Cutting frequency: Variable 550Hz to 13.7Hz (-12dB/8)