8x RGB LED Bluetooth Rock Light Kit White IP68 12V ColorSMART Hardware Included

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SKU: RS-RSLD8KITCS-W Race Sport Lighting

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8-Pod LED Rock Light Kit
Each With Attached 10.5' Cable
Underbody Kit for Jeeps, Boats, and Off-Road Vehicles
Control Module With Attached 18" Power/Ground Pigtail on One End
8x 8" Pigtails For Rock Light Pods on Other End
Bluetooth 4.0 Control
Mobile Connection
iOS7 & Android 4.3 Compatible
Phone App Available
Up To 15 Lighting Scenarios
Power: 9 Watts Each Pod
Voltage: 10-30V DC Each Pod
Flood Beam
Input Voltage: DC12-24V
Output Power: 2A*3, common Anode
Total Brightness Level: 8 Grade
Grayscale: 256*256*256
All Installation Hardware Included