4PCS 10" RGB LED Phone Controlled Accent Lighting Kit Boat ATV Motorcycle IP65



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Color Smart smartphone control allows you to
Select any color via color wheel and RGB sliders
Change modes between fade, flash, loop, or music sync
Power your strips on and off without looking for your remote
Color Smart is supported on Android & Apple devices
Color Smart Interior Accent Kits include:
Four 10‰ۡÌÝ_ÌỊ̂ÌÎ_ water-resistant flexible RGB LED strips with 3M adhesive backing
Wiring extensions
Bluetooth RGB LED controller
Requires proprietary app to use. Scan QR code cards in box to download these from the App Store or Google Play Store
1 Year Warranty
Standalone remotes are not available
Can only be used with a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet, Use the free app 'Happy Lighting' on Android or Apple
The driver should adjust the controller only when the vehicle is stopped.
Only a vehicle passenger should adjust the controller while the vehicle is moving.
It is your responsibility to comply with all traffic laws.