DS18 Red SWLDC1.2 Long Distance and Steering Wheel Sound Control



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DS18 SWLDC1.2 Combo Sound Control!
Control your sound from up to 1200m away!
Control your sound from your steering wheel! Switch Songs Safely.
Switch from AUX, CD, USB, and Radio!
Code IR to match any radio!

Transmitter A: LDC1.2
Transmitter B: SWC1.2
Transmitter A Power Supply: 12V A23
Transmitter B Power Supply: 3V CR2032
Frequency of Operation: 433.92 MHz
Irradiated Power: 0.808 mW
Receiver Power: 9 - 16Vdc

Kit includes:
1 x Remote Control LCD1.2
1 x Steering Wheel Remote Control Switch SWC1.2
1 x Receiver CR1.2
1 x Cordon Keychain