DS18 PWSI50A Automatic Battery Charger 50A Charging output Digital level LED



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PWSI50A Battery Charger is a high power supply that enables you to power and charge automotive battery(s),
Delivering a maximum current of 50A at the output and operates in two modes: 14.4V or Auto ICS.
Auto Intelligent Charging Systems (ICS) enhances battery charging efficiently by extending battery life
Input (Automatic Bi-Volt): 90 to 140Vac / 170 to 240Vac
Consumption with Maximum Load: 3000W
Maximum Output Current: 50 Amperes
Maximum Output Voltage: 14.4 Vdc
Intelligent Charging System:13.8 / 14.4 Vdc cyclic
Accuracy Voltmeter / Amp Meter: 99% / 96%
Refrigeration: Forced
Protections: Excess Charge, short on output, and temperature
Dimensions L x W x D: 8 x 6.5 x2 in
Weight: 3 lbs