DS18 CAP5 5000W Digital 5 Farad Capacitor Power Led Voltage/Amperage Display



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DS18 5 Farad Extreme Ion Capacitor Station

5 Farad Extreme Ion Capacitor Station
Amplifier style housing
Blue digital voltage/amperage display
Working voltage: 10V-18.8V
1 x 0GA amplifier style input
3 x 4GA amplifier style output
Amplifier style housing w/ white chrome and black satin finish.
Removable cover.
Heavy-duty platinum-plated bolt-down terminals
Remote input to turn on the display
IC Controlled Circuitry
Hardware Included
Automatically Alarms when the Voltage is Above 17.5V and Under 10V.

Dimensions: 12" x 7" x 3"

Keep your music at the optimal performance level every time that you crank it up.  DS18 has engineered a line of capacitors with ultra-low ESR for high current output, high ripple current capabilities, reverse polarity warning, and large 20-volt surge capabilities, which will keep your music clear and crisp at any level. The brushed aluminum body, satin finish terminals, and great styling are sure to complement any installation for a price that will beat the competition every time!