0 AWG Gauge Amp Kit Amplifier Install Wiring 2 Farad Cap DS18



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DS18 0 AWG Gauge Complete Car Amplifier Installation Kit
Includes 2 FARAD̴åäÌÝÌ_̴åäÌÝÌ_CAP
0 Gauge Power and Signal Installation Kit
Premium power and ground wire provides optimal power transfer
Includes 2-channel RCA interconnect cables for the audio signal connection from the receiver to the amplifier
RCA Interconnects are made with twisted technology for noise reduction
ANL Fuse holder offers ideal protection for high powered systems
17 Feet 0 Gauge Red Super-Flex-Twist Premium Cable
3 Feet̴åäÌÝÌ_̴åäÌÝÌ_0Gauge Black Super-Flex-Twist Ground Cable
17 Feet 12 Gauge Red/Black Super-Flex-Twist Speaker Cable
17 Feet 2 Channel Shielded Twisted Pair Premium Audio Interconnects
17 Feet Remote Turn-On Wire
6 Feet Split Loom Tubing
1 Piece ANL Fuse Holder̴åäÌÝÌ_
250 Amp Fuse
0 Gauge Accessories