6 Pack XS Power 66160 2.3V 40 Amp Hours Lithium Titanate Oxide LTO Batterys


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6 Pack XS Power 66160 2.3V 40 Amp Hours Lithium Titanate Oxide LTO Batterys

This Listing Includes:
(6) XS Power Lithium Titanate Oxide LTO Battery Cell

Long life cycle: 10 times more than traditional lithium-ion batteries. These cells can be cycled more than 30,000 times.
High current charge and discharge capability: fast charge only takes 6 minutes.
Low temperature charge and discharge performance: unlike most batteries, these are rated to perform at -22F.
Brand Name: XS Power Batterys
Type: Lithium Titanate Oxide (LTO)
Nominal Capacity: 40Ah
Replacement Battery: Yes
Nominal Voltage: 2.3V
Internal resistance: below 1ohm
Weight: 2.6lbs (1180g)

Customer Reviews

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Logan Gantt

Price too high really miss those discount codes

We apologize about the price but unfortunately the cost of materials have went up causing prices to rise. We do have a new rewards program! Which you can use to redeem coupons of big jeff gear!

Ronald Bushka
XS Power is the Way to Go!

I just finished testing my batteries with a load tester, and all 6 of them were over 40 Ah. Going with XS Power for LTO batteries is worth the extra money since you know that they pass their quality control. I would much rather buy XS Power’s LTO batteries than trust a third party seller for cheaper ones since I have heard many stories of Grade B cells being sold as having 40 Ah capacity. You really do get what you pay for. I am very happy with my purchase and I will be ordering 3 more sets for my build.

Jeffrey Allen
Best deal for the power! But save me 4 Banks everyone.

I got the best surprise after open box # 1 and all 18 cells are perfect no damage, and I opened box #2 and all the cells where perfect no damage, then I see this white envelope and (BOOM AWESOME SWAG!!) THANKS BIG JEFF from this Jeff & Me-Mau Bassline Cat.