DS18 Hydro

A great-sounding marine stereo can add a lot of enjoyment to your boating experience. If you're serious about sound, you need a set of quality, marine-rated speakers.
It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the wind is calm, and you're out on the water with a group of friends and coworkers. It's late summer, and while your guests are thoroughly enjoying themselves, Big State University is playing Lower Upstate College in a key early-season tune-up and everyone wants to listen to the game. Well, maybe not the guy who went to Lower Upstate so much, but that's understandable.You turn on the radio, tune into the right station, and pffffhhhhttttttt-pop-pfhhhhhhhh -FUMB-zzzzzzzz ALL TH -pfhtttttttpop. All you hear is static and maybe every tenth word. Uh-oh, looks like those speakers aren't going to last another season after all.Of course, you have a backup AM/FM radio down below, so everyone gets to hear the game, mostly, and the day is saved. Well, for everyone except the Lower Upstate alum, who runs out of self-deprecating humor when the score reaches 67-0 midway through the third quarter, but that's understandable.It's also understandable that you didn't think about your speakers until you realized you had to. But you're thinking about them now, and that's the important thing, right?