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Your amps getting too hot?

Your amps getting too hot?

We all love that Big Bass sound, that feeling of POWER hitting the back of our seats when we are inside the car, or that rear view mirror vibrating when the beat drops, but sometimes all that pounding get things a little too hot, yes! you know what I’m talking about! The amplifiers get way to hot and that can create a whole lot of trouble! When your amps overheat, they can get damaged so is better to take some extra steps to ensure they run in optimal conditions. 

If you are planning on getting some new amps we got the best brands! You can order online on our website and have it shipped or if you are in the area and want to come visit just get your GPS ready and head to 2001 Northwest, 1st Avenue, Ocala, Florida 34475. 

These are some of the brands we carry:

American Bass

Audio Control

Black Diamond


Deaf Bonce

Massive Audio

Planet Audio

Rockford Fosgate


Now that you got your new amp or just ordered some from

You should always keep in mind some of these things to keep your new purchase working for a long time! 

  1. Use the proper wires for it! Verify the manufacturer's instructions and use the correct type of wire, if the amplifier requires 0-gauge, use 0-gauge, if you use anything else, for example, a 4-gauge wire this will make the amplifier work harder to obtain the correct power required to produce the volume you are pulling out of it. More work means more heat!

Now that you know this, if you don’t have the proper wires, We Got You! 

Shop for the right one here!   

  1. Give it some space! Mounting your amplifiers in tight spaces without giving them enough room to dissipate the heat generated or not having enough space to have sufficient airflow around it to keep it cool will overheat it and eventually ruin it.
  1. Connect it right! Don’t exceed the capacity of the amplifier, if it is 4 ohms and only 4 ohms don’t use 2 ohm speakers or wire your equipment in any other way than what the manufacturer specifies that the equipment can handle safely. Don’t exceed its capacity. 

So, you got the amp but are still looking for the subs and speakers?  We Got You! 

Check out these awesome speakers, we got!  Shop Now!

Subs? Sure, we got them too! Get yours today!

There are many reasons why amplifiers can overheat, these are just a few things we should look for before installing them.   

It is always recommended to hire a professional installer! But, if you are a DIY kind of person, remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions to keep your equipment working as well as the first day! 

Need more information, want some new gear? Come visit us or call our awesome customer service and sales team, we will be more than happy to assist you! Call  352-304-6699. Visit us @ 2001 Northwest, 1st Avenue, Ocala, Florida 34475, find us on @bigjeffaudio on social media or go to our Website and chat with us!

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